T1 Clampod

  • Model No. T1
    • Super lightweight!
      It is made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications and weighs only 207 g.
    • Super compact!
      Its size is only about half of an A4 sheet. You can carry it inside your handbag.
    • Super convenient!
      You can use it as a small tripod on the table, or clamp it onto any available objects!
    • Super powerful!
      It supports not only a smartphone or a tablet, but also a DSLR!
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  • It holds any electronic products that weigh less than 3 kg, such as camcorders, DSLRs, smartphones and tablets. It can also be used as a flashlight or microphone stand.
  • A ball head with a quick release plate allows you to mount any electronic product quickly. The ball head pans 360 degrees. You can also install a heavier ball head for a higher load capacity.
  • A soft plastic handle and a precise screw allow you to tighten up the clamp easily.
  • The cubic jaws have three types of surfaces (x groove, checkered groove and smooth surface) and make clamping onto an object more stable and easier.
  • The clamp is made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications and therefore lighter but stronger than other similar products. It is only half the size of an iPad and the maximum load capacity reaches 40 kg.
  • An easy-to-store stand provides a firm support for the clamp.
  • Holds fast
    and never gets loose
  • No sweat, even when you are alone
    Want to keep your hands free while taking a selfie? T1 Clampod is your best solution. It can be clamped onto a pole or the edge of an object; it can also stand on its own. So you can take selfies wherever and whenever you are ready for the best shot. Selfie made easy.
  • Capture nice memories of your family excursion
    Want to forever keep your love ones’ smiley faces during a family vacation? No problem! Takeway® T1 Clampod will do the job for you. So your only job is to enjoy the family fun together.
  • Giving you a helping hand at work
    Combined with the mounting accessories for tablets or smartphones, the clampod can be easily transformed to a sturdy holder for your device on an office table. Even when you tap the touchscreen of your devise, the T1 clampod keeps the device stable. So your device can help you be more productive.
  • The best witness for your romantic getaway
    Take photos with your significant other under the blue sky and on a white sandy beach? Let Takeway® T1 be the quiet and on-call cameraman!
  • No one is missed out in a group photo again!
    The best buddy for your excursion, Takeway® T1 makes sure that everybody is included in group photos.
  • An extraordinary photo shoot assistant
    Professional photographers always aim for getting the best shots. The strong clamping power of Takeway® T1 provides the best support for every angle you care.


Clamp body x 1, Ball head x 1, Smartphone holder(Basic) x 1,
Inner jaw x 1, Pouch x 1, Stand x 1

Model Number:

Extended: 12.5 x 9 x 16.4 cm
Folded: 15 x 3.1 x 17.3 cm

207 g(including ball head)

Aluminum Alloys for aerospace applications, Glass-fiber reinforced nylon

Clamping range:
Ø4 ~ Ø50 mm
Flat surface:1 - 50 mm

Quick release screw:

Clamp body load capacity:
40 kg

Ball head load capacity:
3 kg

*The maximum load capacity of Takeway® T1 clamp body is 40 kg (including ball head), while the maximum load capacity of the ball head itself depends on the ball head design.
*The design and specifications of this product are subject to change without notice. Please follow updates on our website.


  • Main body’s material - Aluminum alloys for aerospace applications
    The main body is made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications. This makes Takeway® T1 ultra-lightweight, compact, and therefore portable. At the same time, it retains a great clamping force. It is easy to fasten and remains stable. Its great load capacity enhances its practicality and helps you create multimedia content easily from different angles.
  • Ball head made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications
    The clampod is equipped with a lightweight ball head and a quick release clip. The ball head is sturdy and strong and therefore can be used for most digital cameras or DSLRs. The maximum load capacity of the ball head is 3 kg. You can also install a higher grade ball head for a higher load capacity.
  • Jaws
    The cubic jaws have rotatable tips with three different types of surfaces: X groove, checkered groove, and smooth surface. You can choose an appropriate side of the tip for a matching surface of the clamped object to make clamping easier and more secure. Therefore, you can easily keep the mounted device stable even on an irregular surface.
  • Disc handle
    The ergonomic disc handle made of soft plastic is easy to use. With the attached precise screw, you can easily and quickly screw in and tighten up the clamp.
  • Stand
    The removable stand firmly supports the standing clampod. It is easy to store and keeps the clampod stable in the standing position.
  • Inner jaw
    Equipped with this inner jaw, Takeway® T1 can be easily clamped onto any cylindrical objects. As the image shows, the star mark indicates that it can support clamping onto cylindrical objects, of which the diameter is between 16 mm and 30 mm.
  • Smartphone holder
    It can be used for holding a camera or a smartphone. The smartphone holder is compatible with iPhone (6, 7, 8, 8Plus, X, X Max, XR), Samsung (Note 9, Galaxy series), Asus Zenfone series, Sony Xperia series, HTC, LG, Huwei, Pixel and any other smartphones with screen sizes between 4” and 6.5” and max. 9 cm wide. The holder has two screw holes compatible with camera screws, one at the back and the other at one side of the holder.
  • Pouch
    The gift pouch is for the clampod or your paraphernalia.

What is the maximum load capacity of Takeway® T1? Can I mount a large camera on it?

The maximum load capacity of the Takeway® T1 main body is 40 kg (including ball head). The clampod can support most DSLRs. Yet, the load capacity of a ball head depends on the ball head’s design. Please consult the relevant document for the loading capacity of the ball head you are using.

How long will the warranty of Takeway® T1 last and what are the conditions?

We provide you with a full one-year warranty for any purchase of our products. However, the warranty does not cover the following situations.
1. A product cannot be proved to be the product of Takeway®.
2. The warranty period cannot be proved, or the manufactured date cannot be identified because it is erased or changed.
3. The product is damaged by natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, hurricane/typhoon, etc.), man-made damage (scratching, falling, broken screws, knocking, hitting, etc.), personal negligence (missing, improper storage, etc.) and other unusual causes.
4.The product is not used for its originally designed purposes, or has been altered by any individuals after purchase.
5. The damage is caused by a user’s or a third party’s installing, adding, switching, or repairing the product with parts not authorized by Takeway®.
6. The damage of accessories (such as smartphone holder, pouch, base) and expendable parts.
7. The product or accessory is purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
8. The damage or loss is caused directly or indirectly by actions, conditions, and environments that are not approved or acknowledged in the user guide released by Takeway® or in relevant technical documents.
If you need further information or assistance, please feel free to contact:
Ms. Silver Chen