Take Memory Anywhere

For 20 years, Takeway® has insisted on making high quality clamps and mounts for the professional market in Europe and U.S.A..

Quality and durability are our promise to customers.

Takeway®, where the engineer’s mind meets the adventurer’s heart

It all started with the adventure of an engineer, the Takeway® founder, who embraced nature and found his new hobby of mountaineering. Fascinated by the beauty of the nature and eager to share indelible mountaineering experience with family and friends, he had the mission of taking photos for every visit to the mountain.


Any problem? Yes, there was always a tripod for a trip, on top of all other stuff in the backpack.


Tormented by the size and weight of the tripod carried during mountaineering, he had searched for a solution for traveling light. Then a light bulb went off in his head – a clampod!


Working for an industrial clamps manufacturer, the engineer found that clamps, which he saw every day at work, could be the best substitute for a traditional tripod! This is how the first Takeway® clampod was born.


Since then, Takeway® has insisted on making high quality clamps and mounts for the pro and amateur content creators.


Get a Takeway®, take it everywhere.

Takeway® Clampods

The pure industrial-class clamp is transformed into the best support for portable consumer electronic products.

They are the one and only clamping tripods and mounts on the market. The secure mount and the remarkable clamping force based on the industrial clamp design keep your device secure and stable on the go.

Super lightweight!

They are made of aluminum alloys for aerospace appliations and help you travel light.

Super compact!

They are only about half the size of an A4 sheet; you can carry them in the hand bag or in your coat pocket.

Super convenient!

Applicable for various consumer electronic products, they can be used to support your photo shooting, recording, vlogging and live streaming. They can be clamped onto any suggested objects, or stand on a table as a mini tripod.


No matter whether you go solo or are in a group trip, they are the best supporting assistant for taking photos everywhere and every time.

Super powerful!

Takeway® clampods support not only the mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, but also a DSLR!

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