QQ1. What is the maximum load capacity of Takeway® T1? Can I mount a large camera on it?

A:The maximum load capacity of the main body of Takeway® ® T1 Clampod is 40 kg (including ball head), and it can support most DSLRs. Yet, the load capacity of the ball head depends on the ball head itself. Please consult the relevant documents for the ball head you are using.

QQ2. Takeway® warranty period and scope

We provide you with a full one-year warranty for any purchase of our products.
However, the warranty does not cover the following situations.

  • 1.A product cannot be proved to be the product of Takeway®.
  • 2.The warranty period cannot be proved, or the manufactured date cannot be identified because it is erased or changed.
  • 3.The product is damaged by natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, hurricane/typhoon, etc.), man-made damage (scratching, falling, broken screws, knocking, hitting, etc.), personal negligence (missing, improper storage, etc.) and other unusual causes.
  • 4.The product is not used for its originally designed purposes, or has been altered by any individuals after purchase.
  • 5.The damage is caused by a user’s or a third party’s installing, adding, switching, or repairing the product with parts not authorized by Takeway®.
  • 6.The damage of accessories (such as smartphone holder, pouch, base) and expendable parts.
  • 7.The product or accessory is purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
  • 8.The damage or loss is caused directly or indirectly by actions, conditions, and environments that are not approved or acknowledged in the user guide released by Takeway® or in relevant technical documents.