T-SA23 Screw Adapter(3/8”)

  • Model No. T-SA23
    • Suitable for Takeway® T1
    • Used in larger ball heads, i.e., 3/8”, for camera tripods hole/tripods/tripod heads/quick release plates.
  • Description
  • Specification


When the ball head on T1, T1 Plus or T2 clampods is changed, the screw size for the new ball head might be different. For example, some larger ball heads have a 1/4” screw hole, while some others have a 3/8” screw hole.
T-SA23 is designed for ball heads with a 3/8” screw hole. This adapter is applicable also for other camera clamps and mounts, tripods, camera supports and brackets on the market.


    Model No.:

    5 g

    Screw adapter x 1

    Stainless steel

    Suitable for :
    Larger ball heads with a 3/8” screw hole for the screw of camera tripod holes/tripods/tripod heads/quick release plates.

    Made in Taiwan

    Warranty :
    The product can be exchanged within seven days of purchase if any defects are found.